Australian Tax Return Calculator

With OTA’s Australian Tax Calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate the tax refund to which you may be entitled.

Please keep in mind that any figures generated by the basic tax calculator are estimates and do not take into consideration a number of items that require more detailed personal and family information that can affect you an individuals actual tax assessment outcome.

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The tax calculator above provides only an estimate of the tax refund to which you may be entitled taking into consideration the basic everyday tax information, such as income, tax withheld, estimated deductions, and your HECS/HELP debt.  Without more detailed personal and family information a basic tax calculator cannot include the possible affects of applicable tax rebates, offsets and other tax concessions (such as medicare exemptions, health insurance rebates, dividend imputation credits, and zone rebates just to name a few).

Enter the Online Tax Australia online tax return system, which includes a detailed, accurate and finely-tuned tax calculator which takes into consideration all items affecting your tax refund estimation.

Once you’ve registered or logged in, and entered all your relevant income tax information, our system will provide an extremely precise tax refund estimate.

Should you then add additional information to your tax return (such as finding another PAYG), the refund estimate will be automatically updated in real time. This helps you see immediately how different items in your tax return will affect your refund.

Best of all, we offer Free Trial Access: should you load your information and then decide not to submit it for review and lodgement by us, then no fee is payable. It remains your choice.

Plus, there is no pressure to complete your tax return in one sitting. If you have questions or require additional information, simply click on the ‘Save and Log Out’ option. You can come back to your return at a future time.

This gives you the opportunity to contact us to discuss any questions or collect any missing information, prior to submitting your tax return.