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Australian tax agent online tax returnAs of 2018, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has implemented major changes to the review process that all tax returns will undergo. These changes mean that the taxpayer has a greater responsibility than ever before to ensure that their tax return is accurate.

OTA’s comprehensive services provide all you need to complete and lodge a tax return that is as accurate as possible.

Our team of experts log into the ATO portal on your behalf to confirm all available data. We correct your tax return where required before it’s lodged with the ATO, including a review of your tax deductions to ensure accuracy and compliance with taxation laws.

Above all, you can rest assured that your tax return has been reviewed by an experienced, qualified tax agent before it is lodged with the ATO.

This process ensures the accuracy of all tax returns lodged by OTA, greatly reducing your exposure to ATO adjustments, including possible penalties and interest charges.

What’s Included in Our Tax Return Service

To ensure you receive the best possible service and support, each and every one of our tax return reviews includes:

  • Comprehensive online tax return preparation, review, and lodgement process.
  • Detailed ATO portal check to confirm all available data such as interest and dividend income as well as Government payments received.
  • Review by a highly qualified tax agent before it is lodged with the ATO
  • Access to advice services to assist in claiming eligible tax deductions.
  • Tips and advice, designed to make future tax returns easier
  • Plus, you can utilise our general tax return support services any time during the year

All this is available for a FIXED, affordable, tax-deductible fee.

Our Prices

What to Expect
In-depth tax return review by professional, qualified tax agent
Year-round advice and support for all tax-related issues
Unlimited payment summaries, deductions, dividends, share sales
ATO Portal Check
Fixed price fee: INDIVIDUAL RETURNS* $89
Fixed price fee: RETURNS WITH SOLE BUSINESS SCHEDULE (includes an emailed copy of the completed tax return and all schedules) $139

* Returns that include a rental or investment property schedule incur an additional $20 fee per rental or investment property.

7 Great Reasons to Choose Us

  1. Comfort that an experienced, professional tax agent checks every return before its lodged with the ATO.
  2. Access to professional, experienced, qualified, transparent accountants who will answer all your questions and provide jargon-free advice.
  3. Convenient, fast and simple to use software exclusive to OTA. Tax returns can be completed in 15 minutes from the comfort of your home or office.
  4. Affordable, fixed price fee (which is completely tax deductible).
  5. Tax refunds within 10 to 14 days from lodgement (subject to ATO processing).
  6. Safe, secure, ATO-approved website that is operated with absolute integrity.
  7. Free to try. No obligation. Should you complete a return and decide not to submit it for review and lodgement by us then no fee is payable.

Tax returns from 2010 onwards can be lodged using the Online Tax Australia system.

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