How to Lodge a Tax Return Online

How to lodge tax return online tax return

Few people look forward to lodging a tax return online. There are the mountains of paperwork, receipts and invoices to deal with, as well as navigating the Australian Taxation Office website. So, to help make lodging your 2015 tax return a little easier, we’ve put together this guide on how to lodge a tax return online.

Options to Lodge a Tax Return Online

Lodging your tax return online is becoming more and more simpler every year. There are a number of ways to lodge your tax return online:

  • Through Online Tax Australia: our simple, streamlined online system allows you to quickly and easily lodge your tax return online. Best of all, it is 100% safe and secure, and completely ATO approved. And, unlike lodging your tax return directly through the ATO, your tax return will be checked by our team of experienced, professionally qualified tax agents.
  • myTax: available since 1 July 2014, myTax is the ATO’s new streamlined online tax return system, which is available via computers, tablets and smart phones. It has been designed specifically for people that have relatively straightforward tax returns. You can use myTax if:
    • You were an Australian resident for the entire tax year
    • Your only income was from a salary or wages or Australian government payments
    • Your only deductions are for work-related expenses, gifts, donations and the cost of managing your tax
    • Your only tax offsets are the pensioners tax offset, the zone and overseas forces tax offset and the private health insurance rebate.
  • eTax: is another ATO system that you can use to lodge your tax return online if your tax is a bit more complex. For instance, you should use eTax if you received income from a rental property or a business. You will need to download the eTax software directly onto computer. It is able to undertake some checks and calculations for you, and will pre-fill some of your information from previous year’s tax returns. But, as with all computerised systems, is never as accurate or as comprehensive as having your return checked by a professional, experienced tax agent.

How to Lodge a Tax Return Online Through Online Tax Australia

Our simple, streamlined online tax return process includes three simple steps:

  1. Answer a series of simple Yes or No questions
  2. Enter your numbers into the user-friendly worksheets
  3. Submit your return for review and lodgement

Your tax return can be paused and saved at anytime, and you can contact our Tax Help Hotline (manned by our experienced, professional tax agents) to resolve any queries you might have.

Once your return is lodged in our system, our tax agents will undertake a comprehensive review. If we have any questions, we’ll contact you direct. Rest assured, there is no additional cost involved for our review service.

Finally, we lodge your tax return with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

How to Lodge a Tax Return Online Through the ATO

Before you lodge you lodge your tax return online via MyTax or eTax, you will need to create a myGov account. If you’re lodging your first tax return, or are an infrequent tax return lodger, you will probably receive an error message when trying to link your myGov account to the ATO. This is because the ATO does not have enough information to confirm your identity. If this occurs, you will need to contact the ATO direct, in order to establish your identity.

Once you have registered your myGov account, you can:

  • Follow the prompts through the MyTax system
  • Download the eTax software, and follow the prompts

Information You’ll Need to Lodge a Tax Return Online

Regardless of which of the three options you use to lodge your tax return online, you will need a number of different documents and records, including:

  • Payment summaries: you will need one of these from each of your employers for the financial year. Payment summaries used to be known as Group Certificates, and indicate the total amount of income you have earned during the year, and how much tax has been withheld.
  • Financial documents or records: if you have received interest or dividend payments throughout the year, you will need to have records of these (such as bank statements) on hand.
  • Records of tax deductions: if you have tax deductions or expenses to claim on your tax return, you will need to have the details of all of these on hand.
  • Private health insurance details: if you have private health insurance, you will need the details of your premium, including your member number.
  • Tax file number: this is vital. Without your tax file number, you cannot lodge a tax return. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to apply for one through the ATO.
  • EFT details: in the case that you are owed a tax refund, you will need to enter your bank details so that the ATO can make payment.

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