Tax Return Checklist for Individuals

Tax Return Checklist for Individuals
We’re all about making tax easy, so the helpful team at Online Tax Australia has decided to put together a little checklist for you to make sure you have everything you need before you sit down to complete your tax return.

Having everything ready before you start your tax return will ensure the whole process runs smoothly and that your return should be finished and lodged within 20 minutes.


  • PAYG income summaries
  • Summaries of Government payments
  • Lump sum payment summaries
  • Dividend statements
  • Interest income statements
  • Rental properties income
  • Foreign income statements
  • Annual tax statements related to any income from managed funds
  • Capital gains summaries


  • Evidence of work related vehicle expenses such as estimated business km usage if using the business km claim method OR items such as a vehicle logbook, receipts for repair work, receipts for car registration, and so on if using an actual log book supported business percentage claim method.
  • Receipts for work uniforms and/or protective clothing (dry cleaning, purchasing, laundering, and so on) expenses, if your claim is over $150.
  • Proof of expenses related to self-education, such as evidence of enrollment, description of course, receipt for payment of fees, receipts for purchase of books, stationary, travel to and from your place of education, and student union fees. To claim these deductions, the education undertaken must have a direct link to your current employment.
  • Receipts for tools and work equipment expenses, including demonstration of the work versus private use percentage and receipts for interest paid to borrow money to purchase tools and equipment.
  • Written evidence of subscriptions to industry journals, magazines and periodicals.
  • Evidence of fees paid for union and professional association memberships.
  • Receipts for expenses associated with work related seminars and conferences. Expenses include travel, accommodation, meals, ticket price and incidentals.
  • Itemised bills to substantiate the work related cost of phone calls and Internet charges.
  • Receipts for donations to registered charities.
  • Diary detailing the amount of time you used your home office for income earning activities.
  • Cost associated with hiring an accountant or tax agent to complete the previous years tax return.

General Information (if applicable) 

  • Australian Bank Account details into which your refund should be paid.
  • A valid Australian residential address.
  • Relationship status—if you have a spouse you’ll need your spouse’s full name, date of birth, taxable income and tax file number as well as the date that relationship began and (if applicable) ended.
  • Number of dependent children.
  • Private health insurance Annual Statement, which is important for Medicare Levy Surcharge calculation purposes. Have your Annual Statement handy
  • Details regarding any Government benefits or grants (such as Newstart Allowances).
  • If you received any interest from your bank, have bank details and the amount you received next to you when you complete your tax return.
  • Statements of any dividends you received from public or private companies.
  • Partnership tax return if you are involved in any income-earning partnerships.
  • Statements related to any distributions you received from managed funds.
  • Statements if you are a director of any private companies.
  • If you are the beneficiary of a family trust, you must include a trust tax return in your return if you received any money in the current financial year.
  • If you sold any shares or investments, you must provide the purchase and sell dates, purchase quantity and price, and sales quantity and price.
  • For any foreign income you received, you must provide origin of income, amount and the amount of tax you paid in the origin country.
  • Please provide any details relating to income generated from rental properties, including details of any loans taken our for rental properties.
  • Details regarding any loans for investments and the investments to which the loan relates.

Your tax return doesn’t have to be a stressful, lengthy ordeal. OTA’s easy to use tax return software will guide you through the process step-by-step. And, if you tick off all the elements of this checklist, you should be on your way to receiving a healthy refund in no time.

Make sure you have a look through our occupation specific tax deduction pages to find out about all the ways you can add to your refund and keep an eye on our weekly blogs to discover even more ways to maximise your tax return.

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