Tax Deductions for Hospitality Workers

Chefs, waiters, bartenders, kitchen hands and other professionals involved in the hospitality industry have a number of tax deductions available to them. In hospitality, the hours are long and you work when everyone else plays. At OTA we know how busy you are so we’ve put our heads together and come up with a list of deductions that could help boost your 2015 income tax refund.

 Tax Deductions for Hospitality Workers: Meals and Travel 

  • While you cannot claim a deduction for the cost of travelling between your workplace and home, you can however claim for the cost of travelling between two workplaces. This includes travel between two separate jobs and two workplaces for the same employer.
  • In special circumstances you can claim the cost of travelling from home to work. An example would be where you have to carry bulky tools to and from various work locations because there is no secure storage space at your work.
  • You can only claim car related costs if you own the car and pay for its running costs.
  • You can claim the cost of taxis, short-term car hire, tolls and parking fees, if costs are necessary to your income-earning activities. (net of any reimbursement you may have received from your employer)
  • You can claim actual meal and accommodation expenses if required to travel overnight for work purposes.

For more information on claiming motor vehicle expenses please , visit: Vehicle Tax Deductions

Tax Deductions for Hospitality Workers: Work Clothing

  • You can claim expenses for purchasing you work clothing and uniform if it includes a company logo and/or forms part of a compulsory uniform.
  • You cannot claim for plain or conventional clothes that you wear for work. Eg plain white shirt and black trousers for work, as many waiters and waitresses tend wear.
  • You can claim for occupation specific clothing such as, a chef’s checked pants and chef’s hat.
  • You can also claim all protective clothing, including aprons, rubber and heat resistant gloves and protective boots for kitchen work.
  • Maintaining and cleaning of eligible clothing can also be claimed. Any laundry or dry cleaning expense claims in excess of $150 will require substantiation and receipts.

For more information, visit Uniform Claims.

Tax Deductions for Hospitality Workers: Training

  • You can claim the cost of self-education or training, if there is a direct correlation between the course undertaken and your current employment and income producing activities. You cannot claim any associated costs if the training is designed to get you a new job or lead to another income-earning activity even if the new role is within the same company.
  • Costs you can claim include: textbooks, stationary, student union fees, course fees and certain travel expenses. If you’re employer reimburses you for any of these costs that amount should be subtracted from expense amount claimed.

For more information, visit Self-Education Claims.

Tax Deductions for Hospitality Workers: Work Equipment 

  • You may claim for decline in value of equipment used for work such as computers, phones, chef knives and answering machines as long as you keep a record of the percentage the equipment was used for work purposes.
  • You can also claim for the cost of repairing work related equipment.

Tax Deductions for Hospitality Workers:  Other Expenses

There are a number of other, additional expenses that hospitality industry workers can claim as a tax deduction, including:

  • The cost of making up cash for till or bar shortages.
  • The cost of renewing your special employees license (gaming license). You cannot claim the initial cost.
  • The cost of hiring equipment for work, such as hiring a PA system or extra chairs for a function.
  • The cost of purchasing hospitality related journals, making work-related phone calls and union membership renewal fees.

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