Zone Rebate

Zone Rebate - Online TaxShould you reside in a remote area of Australia you may be entitled to receive a zone rebate. Please review the information provided below or contact us should you have any questions regarding your specific location.

  • If you reside for more than 183 days in a specifically identified remote area of Australia, you may be eligible to receive a tax benefit known as a Zone Offset. This benefit may also apply if the aggregate time you’ve spent in a remote area exceeds 183 days during a two-year period.
  • There are three zones that may attract an offset benefit:
    • Zone A: Includes specific locations such as Norfolk, Macquarie, Cocos, Christmas, Lord Howe, Heard and McDonald Islands (does not include offshore oil platforms).
    • Zone B: Includes islands that are adjacent to the coastline of the mainland and Tasmania.
    • Special Zone: includes areas that are more than 250km from the nearest town centre, with a population of less than 2,500.
  • Visit the Australian Taxation Office website to determine whether your specific location is eligible for a Zone Offset.

Military Tax Deductions: Overseas Forces Tax Offset

  • A special Overseas Forces Tax Offset is available to members of the Australian Defence Force if:
    • You served in a specified overseas locality as a member of the Australian Defence Force or the United Nations armed force.
    • Your income for that service was not specifically exempt from tax.
  • There is no minimal length of time required to ensure that you are entitled to this tax offset. The offset will however be apportioned for time periods less than 183 days.
  • Current specified localities included under the Overseas Forces tax offset include:
    • The Sinai
    • The area comprising the political boundaries and airspace of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (including the province of Kosovo), Albania and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
    • Total land area, territorial waters and airspace within the internationally recognised boundaries of Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt
    • Total land areas, territorial waters and airspace boundaries of the Solomon Islands.
    • Sudan and its territorial waters and airspace
    • Area comprising the land, sea and air areas bounded by the internationally recognised borders of Pakistan
    • Area comprising East Timor and its territorial waters and airspace
    • Area comprising Lebanon and its territorial waters and airspace

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