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claiming tools on tax

Everything You Need to Know About Claiming Tools on Tax

Claiming tax deductions for the cost of tools purchased for work-related activities is a great way to boost your refund amount. Claiming tools on tax can be a bit of a murky area, so it’s good to have access to some professional advice if required when you’re sorting through what you can and can’t claim. […]

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phase out medical expense tax offset

The Phase Out of the Medical Expenses Tax Offset

The removal of the Medical Expense Offset is something the Government has been able to implement and keep under the public radar resulting in minimal public or political outcry without much outcry from the public.  The Medical Expense Offset has been gradually phased out since 2013, and it will be completely phased out by 2019. […]

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tax deductions for hospitality workers

Tax Deductions for Hospitality Workers

Members of the hospitality industry, including waiters, bartenders, chefs, kitchen hands and other professionals have a number of industry-specific tax deductions available to them. We know that shift-work, late nights, early starts and the pressure of the industry make it difficult to get your taxes in order. To help the people that provide us with […]

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Rental Properties – Repairs & Maintenance vs Capital Improvements

As housing prices soar, more and more people are purchasing rental properties as investments to secure their future. Most taxpayers understand that the construction costs incurred while building a new rental property are capitalised, and therefore claimed over a number of years. What isn’t understood is the topic of what can and cannot be claimed […]

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Your 2017 Tax Return: How to do Your Taxes in 2017

Your 2017 Tax Return: How to do Your Taxes in 2017

It’s that time of year again. The financial year is about to wind-up, and that means one thing – it’s time to get your finances in order. Tax time can be stressful, with lots of document sorting and collating to be done. Plus, some of us will be banking on a fat tax return to […]

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Your tax return 2017 - how to lodge your tax online

Your Tax Return 2017: How to Lodge Your Tax Online

Everything is going online these days, including lodging your tax return in 2017. If you want to know the easiest way to lodge your 2017 tax return, you need to know how to lodge your tax return online. There are so many benefits to an online tax return lodgement: You can lodge your 2017 tax […]

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the benefits of using a tax agent

The Benefits Of Using A Tax Agent

When that time of year comes knocking again to sort out your tax return, many people find themselves facing the same burning questions. Is it worth getting a tax agent this year? How does a tax agent help me? What are the benefits of a tax agent over lodging yourself with the ATO’s free online […]

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what can I claim on tax without receipts in 2017

What Can I Claim on Tax Without Receipts in 2017?

For most tax deductions claimed with the Australian Tax Office (ATO), you’ll need to hang on to your receipts as evidence of your expenses. However, there are still several items you can claim without the need for a paper trail. The ATO did not make any major updates to claims without receipts in 2017. So, […]

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tax deductions you might not know about

Tax Deductions You Might Not Know About

We all want to maximise our tax return each year and make sure we’re using all of the tax deductions available to us. However, when it comes to tax time, most people aren’t taking advantage of all of the tax deductions they’re actually eligible for. As a result, thousands of dollars are being left on […]

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