What to Look for in an Australian Tax Agent

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If you don’t think you have the experience or the expertise to lodge your own tax return, then it is definitely worthwhile investing in the services of an Australian Tax Agent when preparing and lodging your return with the Australian Taxation Office. Research shows that people who utilise the services of a tax agent will in most cases improve their tax refund in excess of any fee charged.  That fee is also tax deductible.

With a reputable Tax Agent reviewing your return, you can rest assured that all the details are 100% accurate and correct while also being able to have questions clearly answered. For many people, using a Tax Agent means more money in their pocket more quickly, and the peace of mind should they receive a random tax audit.

Tax Agents, such as Online Tax Australia, enable you to submit your tax return online, and if a refund is due, then you can usually expect to have the money in your bank account within 14 days.

Here are four things to look for when engaging an Australian Tax Agent.

  1. Qualifications and Registration

According to the Australian Taxation Office, registered Tax Agents are the only people (or companies) allowed to charge you a fee to prepare, and then lodge, your tax return. Tax Agents must register with the Australian Tax Practitioners Board. Under this registration, Tax Agents are obliged to follow strict regulations and a Code of Conduct that ensures they act in a professional, ethical manner that protects their clients’ interests at all times. Under the Code of Conduct, Tax Agents must:

  • Act honestly and with integrity.
  • Act lawfully in the best interests of their clients.
  • Not disclose any information relating to a client’s affairs to a third party without client permission.
  • Ensure that their tax agent services are provided competently.
  • Maintain knowledge and skills relevant to their tax agent services.
  • Advise their clients of their rights and obligations under taxation laws.
  • Maintain professional indemnity insurance.
  1. Experience

It’s always a good idea to opt for a Tax Agent with a wide variety of experience in preparing and lodging tax returns for individuals as well as other business entities such as company, trust, superannuation funds tax returns.

Ideally, individuals want a Tax Agent that has extensive taxation experience across a whole range of occupations, from nurses and teachers to defence force personnel and mine employees. This way, your Tax Agent will have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the various tax claims, rebates and entitlements you may be entitled to receive.

You may even want to see whether they have worked with both large and small clients. It’s a good sign if they do—this way, you know they’ll be able to handle your growing needs over time.

  1. Initiative

When looking for a Tax Agent, try to find someone that takes a little bit of initiative, someone who is proactive about saving you money. Some Tax Agents will do little more than collate your receipts, and lodge your tax return. But, the best Tax Agents are much more proactive in their approach and will suggest and provide information regarding areas in which you may be able to save some money, or maximise your refund. They will ask you relevant, probing questions about your occupation, about your income, about all of your expenses and be available to answer any questions you may have. They will advise you of the implications, and any possible pitfalls, involved in claiming (or not claiming) certain expenses.

You need to find a Tax Agent who knows the specifics of taxation law so well that they can save you money, but not one who takes things too far and risks tax avoidance.

  1. Care

Above all, your Tax Agent should care about you, and about your tax return. They should be friendly, affordable, professional, and easy to do business with. A great Tax Agent should be:

  • Transparent, and provide all their costs up-front, so there are no surprises once your tax return is lodged.
  • Easy to get a hold of (over the phone and via email) if you have any questions when lodging your tax return.
  • Helpful and willing to answer your questions and provide assistance.
  • Dedicated to helping you become financially secure.
  • 100% committed to providing you with the best, most effective online tax return solutions and services.

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