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About3As of 2018, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has implemented major changes to the review process that all tax returns undergo. These changes mean the taxpayer has a greater responsibility than ever before to ensure their tax return is accurate. OTA’s comprehensive services provide all you need to complete and lodge a tax return that is as accurate as possible. Our experts log into the ATO portal on your behalf to confirm all available data such as interest income, dividends and Government payments. We correct your tax return (if required) before it’s lodged with the ATO, reviewing your tax deductions to ensure accuracy and compliance with taxation laws. Our process greatly reduces your exposure to ATO adjustments, penalties and interest.

Our Premium Pre-Fill Service: Making Tax Even Easier

For just $10 extra, you can benefit from Online Tax Australia’s Premium Pre-Fill Service, making the tax return process even simpler and quicker for you. With the help of our Premium service, Online Tax Australia will do the tedious work of sourcing and entering all the relevant information available through the myGov portal. This includes PAYGs, interest, dividends, Centrelink information, HECS/HELP and more. All you need to do is enter your personal information and tax deductions. That’s why, when you choose our Premium Pre-Fill Service, we help to make the already-simple process of completing your tax return even easier and less stressful.

7 Great Reasons to Choose Us

  1. WhyAn experienced, professional tax agent checks every return.
  2. Access to professional, experienced, qualified, transparent accountants to answer all your questions.
  3. Convenient, fast and simple to use software exclusive to OTA. Tax returns can be completed in 15 minutes from the comfort of your home or office.
  4. Affordable, fixed price fee (which is completely tax deductible).
  5. Tax refunds within 10 to 14 days (subject to ATO processing).
  6. Safe, secure, ATO-approved website operated with integrity.
  7. Free to try. No obligation. If you complete a return and decide not to submit it for review and lodgement, no fee is payable.

OTA does not charge interest or late payment fines or subscriptions.